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EXT Programming BE Module

Christian Tauscher-4
Hello Again.

Yes ist holiday time, so it seems that I talk with me alone - no
problem, this helps me to rethink and maybe another will find a
inspiring source for future Problems:

My backendmodule will display my records - works nice.
In the Template I will not show the data, only, but give some basic
Switches, e.g. hide/show.

I had a close look to EXT:examples from TER the suggested viewhelper did
not work on this, bus in other cases...

Go on with Hide and Show of the records I found:

class EditRecordViewHelper extends
  \TYPO3\CMS\Fluid\Core\ViewHelper\AbstractViewHelper {
     * Returns a URL to link to FormEngine
     * @param string $parameters
     * @param string $returnUrl
     * @see \TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Utility\BackendUtility::getModuleUrl()
     * @return string URL to FormEngine module + parameters
 function render(string $parameters, string $returnUrl = '') {
  $args = GeneralUtility::explodeUrl2Array($parameters);
  $args[redirectUrl] = $returnUrl;
  return BackendUtility::getModuleUrl('record_edit', $args);

<f:if condition="{movie.hidden} == 1">
<a href="{mv:editRecord(
  parameters: 'data[tx_ext_dom_mod_movie]
    [{movie.uid}][hidden]=0', returnUrl: 'returnUrl'
<a href="{mv:editRecord(

Compared with the hide/unhide buttons e.g. in module.list the rendered
links seem pretty good to me.

Klick on it: Screen becomes blank, Ajax is stirring and never ends...
seems som JS is missing.

No errors, no debug, no devlog (never leaves the Clear logfile anyway...).

An other source I found:

Edit OK, rest ... nope.

How do you work on this Problem. Do you have a link with some working

Please let me know.

I will switch over to an other problem, stay tuned for this, It will be
a thrilling one!

May be I will dream of a solution tonight #-)

Thank you,

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