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I'm trying to install sr_feuser_register (5.0.0 version) with TYPO3 7.6.20

I followed all configuration steps :

1) felogin, saltedpasswords, rsaauth, static_info_tables  are well installed and configured.

2) Enable SaltedPasswords in the frontend is checked in saltedpasswords.

3) frontend (FE) login security level is set to rsa in Install Tool.

4) FE User Registration Setup is added to my setup.

5) My FE user folder is created and my two usergroups too.

6) plugin.tx_srfeuserregister_pi1.pid, plugin.tx_srfeuserregister_pi1.userGroupAfterAcceptation, plugin.tx_srfeuserregister_pi1.userGroupUponRegistration are set.

7) I added my login page and i set plugin.tx_srfeuserregister_pi1.loginPID. Record Storage Page is set.

8) I added my registration page and i set plugin.tx_srfeuserregister_pi1.registerPID. Display mode is set to Create. Record Storage Page is set too.

When i try to register a user i always have the following message :

"There seems to be a problem.We are sorry that it was not possible to complete this process."

I probably forgot something or i did something wrong.

If somebody can explain me what is going wrong it will be very kind.


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